What is epayzz for merchants?

Epayzz is the e-wallet solution of Money+Card Payment Institution. It enables customers to pay for your products and services with their smart phones.  No cash or bank cards are required. The epayzz wallet stores financial value in the form of e-money. E-money is valued on par with real money and it is „created” by funds upload from a bank card or a Money+Card payment account. The payments you receive from clients through epayzz are settled via a Money+Card payment account.


Why epayzz?

It is trendy.
Grow your sales by luring a young, techy clientele. Benefit from how mobile phone applications permeate 21st century life.

It is convenient.
Print and place your QR at the cash register and allow your customers easily pay their bills. Your revenue is settled on a Money+Card payment account available in Euros and other currencies, both for domestic and international use.

It is versatile.
Epayzz is available for you as well, to pay at other merchants, send money or receive payments from others. Merchants will also enjoy all the benefits of a european payment account and a Euro denominated MasterCard debit card.

It is cost effective.
Epayzz is beneficial both for you and your customers. Purchases and payments between peers are free. Customer payment acceptance is at a very low rate. Please see our full fee schedule

By Reward
You can give instant cash-back if you're a By Reward partner. Merchants who oaccept payments via epayzz will be visible within the app and can expect new customers even from abroad.


Get a merchant account

To become our epayzz merchant partner, first you need to open a Money + Card payment account and fill in the related application forms. We suggest that you also download the epayzz application to a phone used for business purposes. (To be later upgraded to your merchant epayzz account.)

Apply for M+C corporate account  or  Fill in epayzz Merchant application form