Epayzz is the e-wallet solution of Money+Card Payment Institution. It is a smartphone application that enables you to pay for products and services and send funds to others without cash or bank card.

The epayzz wallet can be topped up from a bank card or a Money+Card payment account, or you can also receive funds from other users.

Epayzz can store e-money in Euros.

There are 3 different levels in Epayzz and each and every level gives different permissons to the users.

Level 0

-       The user is on ’spectatormode’. Can browse between Merchants who offer cash-back bonus. The user on Level 0 is not eligible for cashback.

Level 1

-       The user has access to limited e-money. 150€/ monthturnover is allowed.

-       Cansend and receive money

-       Can invite other users to Epayzz

-       Upon exceeding monthly e-money turnover cashback is no longer will be transfered to client’s epayzz wallet account.

Level 2

-       Customer without limits who did the verification process and ordered a MasterCard Pre-Paid card.

You can use epayzz on all IOS or Android smartphones.

You can find the list of merchants within the application, under „Places”. You can also pay with epayzz to any phone number, even to people not yet registered to epayzz.

Anyone can use epayzz above 18 years of age.

Using epayzz for payments requires the same precuation as any other payment device. We highly recommend that you set up PIN verification for login and for each transaction event in epayzz. Please make sure to keep your PIN secret. We also suggest to protect your phone itself from unautorized use by setting up screen locking or fingerprint protection.

Please first download the epayzz appliation from Google Play or the App Store. Follow the registration instructions within the application. You do not need to fill in forms or send documents to us, just do the quick and easy verificaion process within the app to upgrade your wallet to unlimited e-money access.

We apply certain limits, as below:

Monthly turnover limit* € 150
First card top-up limit € 50
Daily card top-up limit € 450
Daily transaction number limit 5 per day

 *Does not apply to customers, who upgraded their epayzz wallet to level 2.

An upgraded epayzz wallet is one without the monthly € 150 turnover e-money limit. In order to upgrade, you need to go through our verification procedure within the app and become level 2 e-money client.

You do not need to apply, but you have to download the application to your phone and complete the standard registration procedure. You will be requested to enter you M+C customer ID during the registration.

If you failed to enter the correct PIN 3 times, your account will be locked. Please request a new PIN from within the application, by clicking on „Request a new PIN code”.

In case of theft or loss, epayzz will remain protected from unauthorized use only if you set up PIN verification for login and transactions. We highly recommend to protect your phone with screen locking or with fingerprint verification, so that unauthorized users cannot get access to any of your phone’s functions, including the epayzz wallet. To prepare for an event of loss, theft or change of phone, it is essential to make a note of your current device’s name and model number. The epayzz application is connected to the device you use, so in order to be able to set it up on a new device, you will be requested to enter the previous device’s name or number. If you change your device, but you keep your previous phone number, please follow this procedure: Please download epayzz to the new phone and start the registration process by entering your phone number used at your previous epayzz registration. The system will warn you that an account exists connected to this number – but to a different device –, and will ask you to enter the previous device’s name or number. This needs to be done only once, when you first set up epayzz on the new phone. If you change your device and also change your phone number, please follow this procedure: Please download epayzz to the new phone and register with your new phone number. This will create a new epayzz account. On the application’s login screen please choose the option „Change user” and follow the steps on the app screen. Now you have access to your old epayzz account. We suggest that you send all your e-money from the old epayzz account to the newly created wallet, so that you can conveniently access it from the new epayzz wallet registered with the new phone.

With epayzz you can send money to people not yet having an epayzz wallet. They will be notified of your pending transaction in an SMS. If they do not register to the system within a week, the money will be returned to you.

You can change your PIN code and e-mail address within the application’s Settings menu.

The system will automatically inform you prior to reaching the limit and won’t let you exceed it. If you want to use your account after reaching the limit, you can upgrade the wallet to unlimited by opening a Money + Card payment account. Please contact our customer services or visit www.moneypluscard.com.

Please read the „Merchant” menu on our website and fill in both the Merchant application form and the Money+Card corporate account application form.

Currently we provide epayzz for partners with a physical commercial outlet. Epayzz acceptance is most suitable for businesses with a relatively low checkout amount, however it can handle payments up to € 500 per transaction . Please note, that all applicants have to go through a KYC verification procedure.

Please contact our customer services at customerservice@epayzz.com or +35627761315. Please always refer to your name and phone number used at your epayzz registration.

No. By registering to the epayzz application, you agree to our Terms&Conditions. If you apply for unlimited epayzz account by opening a Money + Card Payment account, the application form constitutes the contract. Please send us two originals of the application form, so that we can return an original signed by us. Otherwise we can only provide you with electronic version (copy) in e-mail.