What is epayzz?

Epayzz is the e-wallet solution of Money+Card Payment Institution. It is a smartphone application that enables you to pay for products and services and send funds to others. The epayzz wallet stores financial value in the form of e-money. E-money is valued on par with real money and it is „created” by funds upload from a bank card or a Money+Card payment account.


Why epayzz?

It is cashless.
With epayzz you can forget about your wallet. You won’t need cash or a bank card. It’s enough to have your mobile phone with you.

It is fast and convenient.
Pay with epayzz at a growing number of commercial outlets. Speed through checkout by simply scanning the merchant’s QR.

It is versatile.
Send money to anyone or collect payments from others. Splitting bills, sharing costs of group gifts or vacations are fast and fun with epayzz.

It is free.
The application is free, as well as your payments. Additional advantages may be offered by merchants, such as discounts or coupons.

By Reward
You can get instant cash-back from By Reward partners. Merchants wh oaccept payments via epayzz will give you instant cash-back after every purchase. You can plan your shoppings with Epayzz to get the best offers around you.


How does it work?

Pay for purchases
Whether it is your favourite latte, a gift for a beloved one or a business lunch, epayzz is there for you. Replace cash or bank cards with epayzz and enjoy all the convenience and security of e-money. Just read the QR code of the merchant and enter the amount of the bill. You can simply add a tip if you like. The app locates the coolest places near you which accept epayzz.

Send money
Send money to anyone, even if they are not yet epayzz users. You don’t need to remember bank account details, as you only need the recipient’s phone number. Choose any person on your phone’s contact list or type the number of new contacts, or read the QR of already registered epayzz users. Your payment will arrive in a few seconds.

Get paid
Ever had problem collecting money for a group gift? Send a request for money that allows people to pay you back with just a tap.

Keep track of it all
All your transactions, whether you purchase, send or receive money, are found in the History of the application.


Get the most out of epayzz

To keep it easy to use, we designed epayzz for micro payments, up to € 2,500 turnover per year. Upgrade to higher transaction limits is possible, if you open a payment account with Money+Card Payment Institution. It comes with a number of advantages:

  • Unlimited e-money access
    No limit on your monthly epayzz turnover.
  • Payment account
    Transfer funds in an out in Euros, Swiss Francs or British Pounds.
  • Debit card
    A contactless debit MasterCard in Euros, to use every day, anywhere.

Open payment account